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Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair


Contact us immediately, if you discover that your SUB-ZERO wine cooler is working below its usual capacity, or has stopped working, altogether. Our commercial wine cooler repair experts at SUB-ZERO Repair are licensed to carry out any required repair service of your cooler. Rest assured, we will respond swiftly and attend to your need.

Some of the problems often experienced by our customers include:

  • Sub-Zero wine cooler not working

  • Insufficient cooling

  • Overcooling/Freezing content

  • Exhaust vent blows warm air

  • Cooler switches on and off too frequently

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned, don’t delay to contact us immediately!

We deliver affordable, very reliable and transparent commercial Sub-Zero wine cooler repair service at your convenience, and on your schedule – with no hidden charges whatsoever!

Contact us today at 800 474-8007 to request a free quote or online, to schedule an appointment with any of our licensed beer cooler repair technicians!

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