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SUB-ZERO Appliances Fight the Good Fight

SUB-ZERO appliances are top notch. But no appliances are infallible and even the best products will develop problems if you do not regularly maintain them. In these cases there are often easy ways to fix most minor problems and when you cannot fix it yourself you can take your product to SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles to solve them.



You have noticed a lot of water dripping into your refrigerator lately or just pooling in there. Actually, any water at all dripping into your refrigerator is bad. Loose water pools can be breeding grounds for bacteria and can spoil or otherwise ruin good food. There is no need to panic though as the problem is really simple. The start of the problem is right above your refrigerator inside of your freezer. Very likely there is a sheet of ice that has built up on the floor of your freezer and that is gradually melting and dripping water down into your SUB-ZERO refrigerator.

The ice on the evaporators inside the refrigerator prevents good freezing of food and leads to a complete shutdown of the freezer and refrigerator SUB-ZERO. You can fix this yourself if you don't mind emptying your refrigerator, unplugging it, and then removing the back panel. The reason that you want to empty it and unplug it first is to avoid any addition clogging from occurring and any additional ice from forming. Your task here is to remove whatever foodstuffs or anything else that have found their way down your defrost drain. If you have located your defrost drain and cannot find anything blocking it other than ice, that means that your heater is not operating properly.

There is not a lot that you can do about that so call up SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles to take a look at it and replace or repair your heater. This will have your refrigerator working again in no time.


SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles - Ice Makers

Should you find weird things in your ice, it may be time to stop putting ice from your ice maker in your drinks and time to examine the problem. Check to see what you are finding in your ice, if it looks like weird colored specs or flaky ice bits then your filter likely needs to be replaced. Ice makers have a filter in them that ensures that your ice is clean. Just like any other filter, it can get clogged over time from regular use. This is not your fault and it is not the fault of your SUB-ZERO ice maker. Dirtier water clogs the filter more quickly than cleaner water but eventually every ice maker is going to need a filter change. Changing the filter means changing the ice maker.

If your SUB-ZERO ice maker is still under warranty then you can call SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles to get a replacement. Any SUB-ZERO appliances that are installed by a preferred installer have an extra year of warranty added onto them at no extra cost. This allows you to have a bit more leeway when it comes to things breaking down. Let’s face the facts here, appliances will degrade over time and all that you can do when this happens is get them repaired or replace them.


SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles - Freezers.

One nasty little problem that crops up that everyone thinks they can fix on their own is ice building up inside of your freezer. If it sounds similar to problems with water dripping into your refrigerator, that is because it is. The idea is that your freezer was not able to defrost for some reason. This can be because of a broken freezer door, a heater that has gone haywire, a thermostat that is broken, or because your timer has decided to stop working. 
You may have noticed that there are quite a few more elements that could have gone wrong to cause this problem here. This is what prevents owners from successfully fixing them problem on their own in most cases. When you open up your freezer panel to look for the problem, you probably will not know what you are actually looking for. Get a trained technician to look over your freezer to figure out what is wrong and fix it. In most cases it is just a simple part replacement. This makes it fast, painless, and cheap. 
If you decide not to care about the frost buildup, you may wind up with a freezer that is no longer functional. A broken freezer door or heater can lead to a buildup of problems throughout your SUB-ZERO freezer that cannot be nearly as easily or cheaply fixed. Save yourself from the headache and call (800) 474-8007, SUB-ZERO Repair in Los Angeles for this problem.

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