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Brand Overview

Sub-Zero are some of the most trusted brands in California, due to their high quality and the fact that they work for a long period of time without requiring repair. But even if there is a need of any repair SUB-ZERO Repair in Pasadena residents can contact our contact call center (800) 474-8007 and our technicians will arrive at your convenient time and conduct a qualified diagnosis, find the cause of the breakdown appliance Sub-Zero. 

Common Issues That Might Need Solutions and Repair.
Whether you own a Sub-Zero freezer or refrigerator, all appliances will eventually need some type of maintenance or repairs. Many issues that arise can be repaired by the product owner if they have the proper tools and user’s manual handy.  If you are inexperienced in appliance repair you should not make any attempt to do so yourself. You should immediately contact a repair facility for assistance. Call (800) 474-8007 and our operators will send you best specialists to eliminate your appliance failure.  Sub-Zero Appliance Repair is available only to assist residents California in Pasadena.

If your unit won’t operate there are a few things that you should check before contacting a repair facility. First, you should check to verify that the power is on. Next, you should check to see if the circuit breaker has not tripped or a fuse blown. Sub-Zero appliance repair in Pasadena should be contacted (800) 474-8007 for appliance repair only. If the breaker has tripped you should reset it. If a fuse is blown you should replace it as soon as possible. Depending on your product and product model it may be normal for your product to have an inoperable period. After a period of continual operation your refrigerator Sub-Zero stove will automatically turn off.

You may feel that your refrigerator temperature is too high and your refrigerator does not freeze your products, and they can deteriorate. If this is the reason you should contact Sub-Zero appliance repair customer care center, call now (800) 474-8007. SUB-ZERO Repair in Pasadena can assist with all Sub-Zero Brand appliance issues. 

Sometimes water can flow from your refrigerators and freezers to the floor. In this case, you must open the drainage system and find where it is clogged with debris. The drainage system is connected by a tube from the freezer to the drainage bath. If the hose or the drainage bath itself is clogged with debris or dirt, then the entire drainage system should be cleaned of debris and then your refrigerator or freezer will begin to work again fully. If you cannot do it you self, you can contact our service SUB-ZERO Repair in Pasadena can assist with all Sub-Zero Brand appliance issues.



There are many warranties available for residential customers. The SUB-ZERO Repair in Pasadena service center will honor your warranty and service your unit. Sub-Zero Brand offers a full two-year warranty, limited third through fifth year warranty, limited lifetime warranty and terms applicable to each warranty. These warranties can be purchased through the manufacturer depending on your appliance repair warranty preference. Each residential Sub-Zero Brand appliance automatically comes with a warranty but an additional warranty may be purchased for additional product coverage. The date that the warranty begins coverage depends on the type of warranty that you have purchased.

Please be sure you understand the terms and conditions surrounding a warranty before you purchase it. If you should have any questions concerning the warranty and its coverage you should contact the manufacturer for clarification. For information on purchasing an additional warranty, feel free to contact the manufacturer directly through either their website or their customer care center. 

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